Dream about Ken? :P

Whew whewww,, I dreamt about Ken from L’Arc en Ciel in last Sunday.. hahahah

how weird,, maybe it is because i’ve been wanting to listen L’Arc’s 4th ave cafe song but i haven’t found the song. I think it must be on my Ext HDD.





GLAY ASIA TOUR 2013 Schedule




Date Area Place Open Start Information
2013/5/25(Sat.) Hong Kong Asia World Arena 18:00 19:30 Info: Midas Promotions
Ticket: HK Ticketing
2013/6/1(Sat.) Seoul Olympic Gymnasium 18:00 19:30 Info: Poptune Productions
Ticket InterPark Ticket
2013/6/15(Sat.) Bangkok Impact Arena 18:00 19:30 Info: Marctensia
Ticket: Thai Ticket Major
2013/7/6(Sat.) Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 18:00 19:30 Info: Brokers Brothers Herald, Ltd
Ticket: ERA Ticketing
■ Ticket Price
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■ Ticket release date
Hong Kong:1/28(Mon),Seoul:3/1(Fri.),Taipei:1/27(Sat.),Bangkok:not fixed